New DVDs

The newest additions to our film collection

May, 2021

Above Suspicion DVD   ABO
The Alienist:  Season 2:  Angel of darkness DVD   ALI
Collective DVD   COL
Cosmic Sin DVD   COS
Land DVD   LAN
The little things DVD   LIT
The Mauritanian DVD   MAR
The marksman DVD   MAR
Senior moment DVD   SEN
Shadow in the cloud DVD   SHA
Taking a shot at love DVD   TAK
The Virtuoso DVD   VIR

April, 2021

Title of DVD Call Number
Crisis DVD CRI
Hero Dog:   The journey home DVD   HER
Judas and the black messiah DVD   JUD
Love in store DVD   LOV
Payback DVD   PAY
Son of the South DVD   SON

March, 2021

Title of DVD Call Number
Fatale DVD   FAT
Monster hunter DVD   MON
Robert Kirkman's Secret history of comics DVD   741.59   SEC
News of the world DVD   NEW
Promising young woman DVD   PRO
Baby done DVD   BAB
Vanguard DVD   VVAN
Redemption day DVD   RED
Adverse DVD   ADV
The undoing:  HBO limited series DVD   UND
Joan of Arc DVD   ARC
Another round DVD   AND

February, 2021

Title of DVD Call Number 
Hard Kill DVD   HAR
Snowpiercer Season One DVD SNO
The 24th DVD   TWE
The Craft DVD   CRA
Snowbound for Christmas DVD   SNO
Max Cloud DVD   MAX
Love and Monsters DVD  LOV
Hua Mulan Documentary DVD   398.209   HUS
Lupin III.  The first DVD   LUP
The right one DVD  RIG
Greenland DVD   GRE
A call to spy  DVD   CAL
The Informer DVD   INF
Miss Scarlet & the Duke DVD   MIS
The long song DVD   LON
After we collided DVD  AFT
Alone DVD   ALO
Two ways home DVD  TWO

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