New DVDs

The newest additions to our film collection

September, 2023

Title of DVD Call Number

August, 2023

Title of DVD Call Number
Oppenheimer:  Genius or madman DVD   B   OPP
About my father DVD   ABO
The Blackening DVD   BLA
Fast X  Collector's Edition DVD   FAS
Maggie Moore(s) DVD   MAG
Survive DVD   SUR

July, 2023

Title of DVD Call Number
Malaysia's last tigers:  the search and the fight for the Malayan tiger DVD   599.75   MAL
Are you there God?  It's me Margaret DVD   ARE
Avatar:  the way of water DVD   AVA
Knights of the Zodiac DVD   KNI
The last of us:    Complete First Season DVD   LAS
Love again DVD   LOV

June, 2023

Title of DVD Call Number
Big George Foreman DVD   BIG
Guy Ritchie's The Covenant DVD   COV
Evil dead rise DVD   EVI
John Wick,  Chapter 4 DVD   JOH
One Ranger DVD   ONE
One true loves DVD   ONE
The man from Toronto DVD  MAN
Mojave diamonds DVD   MOJ
The Pope's exorcist DVD   POP
The quiet girl DVD   QUI
The ritual killer DVD   RIT
Tulsa King, Season One DVD   TUL