September, 2020

Title Call Number Author
YouTube for dummies 006/CIA Ciampa, Rob
The writers library:  the authors you love.... 028.9/WRI Writers
Angel numbers:  the message & meaning.... 133.3/GRA Gray, Kyle
Keep going:  10 ways to stay creative...... 153.35/KLE Kleon, Austin
Don't overthink it...make easier decisions.... 158.1/BOG Bogel, Anne
Outraged:  why everyone is shouting.... 303.6/CHA Charles, Ashley "Dotty"
Cassandra speaks: When women are the storytellers..... 305.42/LES Lesser, Elizabeth
Between the world and me 305.8/COA Coates, Ta-Nehisi
How to argue with a raciest:  what our genes... 305.8/RUT Rutherford, Adam
Everything beautiful in its time..... 306.874/HAG Hager-Bush, Jenna
The end of white politics:  How to heal.... 320.52/MAX Maxwell, Zerlina
How to destroy America in three easy steps 320.973/SHA Shapiro, Ben
Just mercy:  a story of justice and redemption 353.4/STE Stevenson, Bryan
Carville's cure:  leprosy, stigma.... 362.19/FES Fessler, Pam
COVID-19:  the pandemic that never should...... 362.19/MAC Mackenzie, Debora
Notes on a silencing:  a memoir 362.883 /  CRA Crawford, Lacy
Murder thy neighbor:  true crime thrillers  364.1523/PAT Patterson, James
I'll be gone in the dark:  one woman's obsessive search..... 364.1523/MCN McNamara, Michelle
A convenient death...Jeffrey Epstein 364.153/GOO Goodman, Alana
Blog for bucks:  how to create, promote.... 384.38/BOD Bodnar, Jacqueline
Welcome home:  a cozy minimalistic guide.... 395.3?ASMI Smith, Myquillyn
Breath:  the new science of a lost art 613.192/NES Nestor, James
Medical medium:  celery juice..... 613.2/WIL William, Anthony
Shuttle, Houston:  my life in the center.... 629.409/DYE Dye, Paul
Moonbound:  Apollo 11 and the dream of spaceflight 629.45/FET Fetter-Vorm, Jonathan
How to astronaut:  an insider's guide... 629.45/VIR Virts, Terry
24: Life stores and lessons form the Say Hey Kid 796.357/MAY Mays,Willie
The graves are walking...the great famine... 941.5081/KEL Kelly, John
CBC & chill...75 recipes 641.6/BOD Bodin, Tori
Mend!:  a refashioning manual... 646.34/SEK Sekules, Kate
Skincare:  the ultimate.... 646.72/HIR Hirons, Caroline
The little book of life skills:  deal with... 646.7/RUD Ruddy, Erin Zammett
Christmas with Southern living 2020 745.594/CHR Christmas 
Killing Crazy Horse.... 970.004/ORE O'Reilly, BIll
The room where it happened...a White House.... 973.933/BOL Bolton, John
Quick and delicious...100 recipes 976/RAM Ramsay, Gordon
The deepest South of all....true stories.... 976/GRA Grant, Richard
Star Wars book of Lists 791.43/HOR Horton, Cole
Last mission to Tokyo... 940.54 / PAR {arados. <ocje;
Afterlife:  a novel ALV Alvarez, Julia
The revelators ARK Atkins, Ace
Anxious people:  a novel BAC Backman, Fredrick
Florence Adler swims forever BEA Beanland, Rachel
The last curtain call FIC  BLA Blackwell, Juliet
The crow's call BRU Brunstetter, Wanda
No offense:  a novel CAB Cabot, Meg
Outsider:  a Kate Burkholder novel CAS Castillo, Linda
What you wish for CEN Center, Katherine 
The Farm stand: an Amish marketplace novel CLI Clipston, Amy
Two reasons to run COB Coble, Colleen
When no one is watching:  a thriller COL Cole, Alyssa
A deadly inside scoop MYS  COL Collette, Abby
Blacktop Wasteland:  a novel COS Cosby, S.A. 
Deadlock COU Coulter, Catherine
The summer house:  a novel DEN Denton, Lauren K.
Chance of a lifetime DEV Deveraux, Jude
Always enough ELL Elliott, Kelly
Remember me:  a Spanish Civil War novel ESC Escobar, Mario
Born to fly:  a memoir B  EVA Evans, Sara
Fifty in reverse:  a novel FLA Flanagan, Bill 
The hunting party:  a novel FOL Foley, Lucy
The evening and the morning FOL Follett, Ken
Summer darlings FOS Foster, Brook Lea
King of thorns SF  LAW Lawrence, Mark
Prince of thorns SF LAW Lawrence, Mark
A walk along the beach MAC Macomber, Debbie
Troubled blood MYS / GAL Galbraith, Robert
Deadly Touch GRA Graham, Heather
A beautifully foolish endeavor:  a novel SF / GRE Green, Hank
Party of two GUI Guillory, Jasmine
The killings at Kingfisher Hill MYS/HAN Nannah, Sophie
The bright side of going dark HAR Harms, Kelly
Always the last to know HIG Higgins, Kristan
Once I was you:  a memoir of love and hate in a torn America B HIN Hinojosa, maria
Chaos JOH Johansen, Iris
The shotgun wedding JOH / WES Johnston, William W. 
Next to the last stand MYS JOH Johnson, Craig
Half Moon Bay MYS KEL Kellerman, Jonathan
The golden cage LAC Clakberg, Camilla
The girl and the stars SF / LAW Lawrence, Mark
The stone wall LEW Lewis, Beverly
Robert B. Parker's Fool's paradise LUP Lupica, Mike
The Nemesis manifesto LUS Lustbader, Eric
Shadows in time MCE McElwain, Julie
One for the books MCK McKinlay, Jenn
Total power MIL Mills, Kyle
The girl from Widow Hills MIR Miranda, Megan
A royal affair MON Montclair, Allison
The last bathing beauty NAT Nathan, Amy Sue
The other family:  a novel NYH Nyhan, Loretta
The invention of sound PAL Palahniuk, Chuck
To sleep in a sea of stars PAO Paolini, Christopher 
Script for scandal PAT Patrick, Renee
Cajun justice  PAT Patterson, James
All the devils are here MYS / PEN Penny, Louise
Twenty One days: a Daniel Pitt novel MYS / PER Perry, Anne
Muzzled MYS / ROS Rosenfelt, David
The Order:  a novel SIL Silva, Daniel
Star Wars Ascendenancy Chaos Rising SF/STA Zahn, Timothy
Something like perfect STE Stephens, S.C. 
Honeysuckle season TAY Taylor, Mary Ellen
Near Dark:  a thriller THO Thor, Brad
Who is Alex Trebek? B TRE Rogak, Lisa
The woman before Wallis... TUR Turnbull, Bryn
One by one WAR Ware, Ruth
Apartment:  a novel WAY Wayne, Teddy
The lost and found bookshop WIG Wiggs, Susan
I saw him die:  a novel MYS  WIL Wilson, Andrew
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