November, 2020

Title  Call Number  Author
The empathy advantage 155.4   / AZA Azarchi, Lynne
Ten lessons for a post-pandemic world 303.49 / Zak Zakaria, Fareed
Your second act:  inspiring stories of..... 305.244 / HEA Heaton, Patricia 
Credit Repair:  make a plan.... 332.7   / LOF Loftsgordon, Anstey
The address book 388.1   / MAS Mask, Deirdre
Medical medium cleanse to heal:.... 613 / WIL William, Anthony 
The body keeps the score....... 616.85 / VAN Van der Kilk, Bessel
Group:  how one  therapist and a circle....... 616.89   / TAT Tate, Christie
Iconic American house 728   BRA Bradbury, Dominic
Perfect French country  747 / BYA Byam
Interior design handbook.... 747 / RAM Ramstedt, Frida
My own words B   GIN Ginsburg, Ruth Bader
Dolly Parton:  songteller, my life in lyrics B   PAR Parton, Dolly
Crazy stupid bromance ADA Adams, Lyssa Kay 
Homeland elegies:  a novel  AKH Akhtar, Ayad 
Friends like these ALD Alderson, Sarah
In her eyes ALD Alderson, Sarah
Whispering hearts AND Andrews. V.C. 
Hidden in plain sight ARC Archer, Jeffrey
Curses are for cads BER Berry, Tamara
In the Lion's Dem BRA Bradford, Barbara Taylor
Everything changes BYB Bybee, Catherine
Shadow of the dragon:  Tom Clancy Jack Ryan novel CAM Cameron, Marc
Black sun rising CAR Carr, Matthew 
Return to Virgin River CAR Carr, Robyn
Ready Player two:  a novel CLI Cline, Earnest
Piece of my heart CLA Clark, Mary Higgins
The Darkest evening CLE Cleeves, Ann 
War lord:  a novel COR Cornwell, Bernard
Marauder CUS Cussler, Clive
The Noel letters EVA Evans, Richard Paul
Cold as ice FIC   BRE Brennan, Allison
Prince on paper  FIC   COL Cole, Alyssa
My last duchess FIC   JAM James, Eloisa
Say yes to the Duke FIC   JAM James, Eloisa 
Would I lie to the Duke? FIC   LEI Leigh, Eva
Like lovers do FIC   LIV Livesay, Tracey
My highland rogue FIC   RAN Ranney, Karen
The devil of downtown FIC   SHU Shupe, Joanna
The prince of Broadway FIC   SHU Shupe, Joanna
Jane in love:  a novel GIV Givney, Rachel
Dark Tides:  a novel GRE Gregory, Philippa
Miss Benson's Beetle:  a novel JOY Joyce, Rachel
The museum of forgotten memories:  a novel HAR Harris, Anstey
Take a hint, Dani Brown HIB Hibbert, Talia
Orchard:  a novel HOP Hopen, David
Autumn skies HUN Hunter, Denise
You betrayed me JAC Jackson, Lisa
Miss Benson's Beetle JOY Joyce, Rachel
Love your life:  a novel KIN Kinsella, Sophie
The last correspondent
LAN Lane, Soraya M. 
Monogamy:  a novel MIL

Miller, Sue

Book collectors:  a land of Syrian...... MIN

Minoui, Delphine

Girls of Brackenhill MOR Moretti, Kate
In cold chamomile MYS   AVO Avon, Joy
Sweet tea and secrets MYS   AVO Avon, Joy
Hot to trot MYS   BEA Beaton, M.C.
Deception by gaslight MYS   BEL Belli, Kate
Potions are for pushovers MYS   BER Berry, Tamara
Seances are for pushovers MYS   BER Berry, Tamara
The Sentinel:  A Jack Reacher novel MYS   CHI Child, Lee
The law of innocence MYS   CON Connelly, Michael
Many a twist MYS   CON Connolly, Sheila
There's a murder afoot MYS   /   DEL Delany, Vicki
Fortune and glory:  Tantalizing twenty-seven MYS   EVA Evanovich, Janet
Moonflower murders MYS   HOR Horowitz, Anthony 
Murder at an Irish Christmas MYS   OCO O'Connor, Carlene
A Christmas resolution:  a novel MYS   PER Perry, Anne
Murder on cold street MYS   THO Thomas, Sherry
The kingdom NES Nesbo, Jo
Deadly Cross PAT Patterson, James
Three women disappear PAT Patterson, James
The awakening ROB Roberts, Nora
All that glitters:  a novel STE Steel, Danielle
The peculiar fate of Holly Banks:  a novel VAL Valerie, Julie
Cold millions:  a novel WAL Walter, Jess
The haunting of Brynn Wilder WEB Webb, Wendy
Saint from Texas:  a novel WHI White, Edmund
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