June, 2024

Title of Book Call Number Author
Hood winked:  10 lies Americans believe and the truth that will set them free 261.8   AMA Amanchukwu Sr, John K. 
The queering of the American child:  how a new school religious cult poisons the minds and bodies of normal kids 305.3    LAN Lancing, Logan 
You will owe nothing:  Your war with a new financial world order and how to fight back 305.5   ROT Roth, Carol 
The quiet coup:  Neoliberalism and the looting of America 320.51   BAR Baradaran, Mehrsa 
When the clock broke:  con men, conspiracists, and how America cracked up in the early 1990s 320.52   GAN Gantz, John 
The indispensable right:  free speech in age of rage 342.7308   TUR Turley, Jonathan 
Carrie Carolyn Coco:  my friend, her murder, and an obsession with the unthinkable  362.1523    GER Gerard, Sarah 
Take down:  inside the fight to shut down Pornhub for child abuse, rape, and sex trafficking 364.7607   MIC Mickelwait, Laila 
GRE for dummies:  5-hour quick prep 378.1662   WOL Woldoff, Ron 
Colleges worth your money: a guide to what America's top schools can do for you 378.73   BEL Belasco, Andrew 
Playing with reality:  how games have shaped our world 519.309 CAL Clancy, Kelly
The indoctrinated brain:  how to successfully fend off the global attack on your mental freedom 612.8   NEH Nehls, Michael 
The singularity is nearer when we merge with AL 612.82     KUR Kurzweil, Ray
Reversing Alzheimer's:  the new toolkit to improve cognition and protect brain health 616.8311   SAN Sandison, Heather
Bad therapy:  why kids aren't growing up?   618.92   SHR Shrier, Abigail 
The light of battle:  Eisenhower, D-Day, and the birth of the American superpower 940.5412   PAR Paradis, Michel 
Diversity done right:  navigated cultural difference to create positive change in the workplace 658.3   STO Stoudemire, Tyronne 
Cue the sun!  The invention of reality TV 791.456   NUS Nussbaum, Emily 
Lessons in liberty:  30 rules for living from 10 extraordinary Americans  973      ADA Adams, Jeremy S. 
Ascent to power:  how Truman emerged from Roosevelt's shadow and remade the world 973.918   ROL Roll. David L.  
Honey BAN Banta, Isabel
The Paris widow BEL Belie, Kimberly 
Trust her:  Series:  Northern Spy:  Vol. 2 BER Berry, Flynn 
Red Star falling: Series:  Luke Daniels, Vol. 2 BER Berry, Steve with Grant Blackwood 
You'll never find me:  Series:  Angelhart investigations, Vol. 1  BRE Brennan, Allison
The cautious traveler's guide to the Wastelands:  a novel BRO Brooks, Sarah 
Red sky mourning:  a thriller:  Series:  Terminal list, Vol. 7 CAR Carr, Jack
The Rom-Commers:  a novel CEN Center, Katherine 
A daughter of fair Verona  Series:  Daughter of Montague, Vol. 1 DOD Dodd, Christina 
Pitch Dark:  Series:  Mike Bowditch novels, Vol. 15 DOI Doiron, Paul 
The midnight feast:  a novel FOL Foley, Lucy
All the summers in between:  a novel FOS Foster, Brooke Lea
Shadow heart:  Series:   Unsub novel, Vol. 4 GAR Gardiner, Meg
Market for murder:  Series:  The Blackbird files, Vol. 2  GRA Graham, Heather 
Sentinel:  Series:   Armored novel, Vol. 2 GRE Greaney, Mark 
Our little secret JC Jackson, Lisa
Shanghai:  a novel KAN Kanon, Joseph
How to end a love story:  a novel KUA Kuang, Yulin
Swan song:  a novel HIL Hilderbrand, Elin
Black Butler, Vol XIII MANGA    BLA Toboso, Yana 
Demon Slayer:  Corps records MANGA    DEM Gotouge, Koyoharu 
My hero academia, main series, Vol. 38  MANGA   HOR Horikoshi, Kohei 
The King's beast, Vol. 13 MANGA   KIN Toma, Rei
The housemaid is watching:   Series:  Housemaid novels, Vol. 3 MCF McFadden, Freida 
Proof:  Series:   Lost and Found novels, Vol. 4 MIC Michaels, Fern 
Lula Dean's little library of banned books MIL Miller, Kirsten 
What you leave behind:  a novel MOR Morris, Wanda M. 
Clete:  Series:   A Dave Robicheauz novel, Vol. 24     MYS      BUR Burke, James Lee
Farewell, Amethystine:  Series:  Easy Rawlins mysteries, Vol. 16)    MYS    MOS Mosley, Walter 
Sandwich:  a novel NEW Newman, Catherine 
The year of what if:  a novel PAT Patrick, Phaedra 
Some murders in Berlin ROB Robards, Karen 
Middle of the night:  a novel  SAG Sager, Riley 
The Paris vendetta:  a thriller:  Series:  Cotton Malone novels, Vol. 5 SER Serafin, Shan 
Resurrection:  a novel STE Steel, Danielle,
The comfort of ghosts:   Series:  Maisie Dobbs novels, Vol. 18 WIN Winspear, Jacqueline