January, 2023

Title Call Number Author
Windows 11 for seniors in easy steps:  for PC's, laptops, and touch devices.    Series:  In easy steps 005.446   PRI Price, Michael 
Living in the light:  Yoga for self-realization 155.2   CHO Chopra, Deepak 
Justice for animals:  Our collective responsibility 179.3   NUS Nussbaum, Martha C. 
Outsmart your brain:  why learning is hard and how you can make it easy 370.1523  WIL Willingham, Daniel T. 
An immense world:  How animals senses reveal the hidden realms around us 591.5   YON Yong, Ed
Koala:  A natural history and an uncertain future 599.25   CLO Clode, Danielle
How medicine works and when it doesn't:  learning who to trust to get and stay healthy 610.696   WIL Wilson, F Perry
Fitter .Calmer. Stronger.:  A mindful approach to exercise and nutrition 613     GOU Goulding, Ellie
The Noom mindset:  Learn the Science, Lose the weight 613.25   NOO Noom, Inc.
Japanese super foods:  learn the secrets of healthy eating and longevity--the Japanese way! 641.5952    KOM Komatsudaira, Yumi
Hidden Mountains:  survival and reckoning after a climb gone wrong 796.522   WEJ Wejchert, Michael
The Nazi conspiracy:  The secret plot to kill Roosevelt, Stalin, and Churchill 940.53   MEL Meltzer, Brad
Courtiers:  intrigue, ambition, and the power players behind the house of Windsor 941.086   LOW

Low, Valentine

On savage shores:  how indigenous Americas discovered Europe 970.004   PEN Pennock, Caroline Dodds
The Great New York fire of 1776:  A lost story of the American Revolution 973     CAR Carp, Benjamin L. 
Myth America:  Historians take on the biggest legends and lies about our past 973   MYT Kruse, Kevin M. 
Courage under fire:  under siege and outnumbered 58 to 1 on January 6 973.933   SUN Sund, Steven A.
Locust Lane  AMI Amidon, Stephen 
Eden's Children:  a novel:    Series:  Eden, Vol. 1 AND Andrews, V.C. 
Hell Bent:  Series:  Alex Stern, Vol. 2 BAR Bardugo, Leigh
The Mitford affair:  a novel BEN Benedict, Marie
Don't open the door:  Regan Merritt novels, Vol. 12 BRE Brennan, Allison
Love, Clancy:  diary of a good dog CAM Cameron, W. Bruce
Dark of night:  Series:   an Annie Pederson novel COB Coble, COlleen
The game is a footnote:   Series:  a Sherlock Holmes bookshop mystery, Vol. 8 DEL Delany, Vicki
Vinyl resting place:   Series:  Record Shop mysteries, Vol. 1 FIC     BLA Blacke, Olivia 
Fatal fascinator:  Series:  Hat shop mysteries, Vol. 7 FIC     MCK McKinlay, Jenn 
The next best day FIC     SAL Sala, Sharon 
Code 6:  a novel GRI Grippando, James
This other Eden:  a novel HAR Harding, Paul
The Villa  HAW Hawkins, Rachel
How to sell a haunted house HEN Hendrix, Grady
The bullet garden:  An Earl swagger novel, Vol. 4 HUN Hunter, Stephen
Wicked Dreams    Series:  Wicked Novel (Lisa Jackson), Vol. 5 JAC Jackson, Lisa 
The skeleton key KEL Kelly, Erin
Sleep no more:   Series:  Lost night files, Vol. 1  KRE Krentz, Jayne Ann
Just the nicest couple KUB Kubica, Mary
What lies in the woods:  a novel MAR Marshall, Kate Alice
Irish coffee murder MYS   MEI Meier, Leslie
All the dark places MYS PAR Parlato, Terri
The house of wolves:  Series:  House of wolves, Vol. 1 PAT Patterson, James
Murder Book:  a novel PER Perry, Thomas
The cabinet of Dr. Leng:   Series:  Pendergast novels, Vol. 21 PRE Preston, Douglas
Lady Whistledown strikes back    Series:  Lady Whistledown anthologies, Vol. 2 QUI Quinn, Julia
The house in the pines:  a novel:    Series:  Reese's book club REY Reyes, Ana 
River of fallen angels:  Series:  a Victorian Mystery (Laura Joh Rowland), Vol. 6 ROW Rowland, Laura Joh
Daughters of victory:  a novel SAA Saab, Gabriella
Without a trace:  a novel STE Steel, Danielle
The devil's ransom:  a Pike Logan thriller, Vol. 17 TAY Taylor, Brad
All the dangerous things WIL Willingham, Stacy