February, 2023

Title   Call Number  Author
8 Rules of love:  how to find it, keep it, and let it go          152.41   SHE

Shetty, Jay

Marriage Minded:  10 ways to know if you've found

the one

         261.8             HUR

Hurst, Nick &  Chelsea

The hard road out:  one woman's escape from North Korea 362.87   PAR

Park, Jihyun

Dinner with the President:  Food, Politics, and a history of breaking bread in the White House 973.099    PRU

Prud homme, Alex

Trust the plan:  The rise of QAnon and the conspiracy that unhinged America 973.933           SON

Sommer, Will

          Secretly Yours:  a novel   Series:  Vine Mess BAI

Bailey, Tessa

Varina Palladino's Jersey Italian Love Story DEF

DeFino, Terri Lynne

A Calder at heart,   Series:  The Calder Brand, Vol. 3 DAI

Daily, Janet

It's one of us:  a novel ELL

Ellison, J.T.

The last orphan:  an Orphan X novel HUR

Hurwitz, Gregg

More than meets the eye:   Kendra Michaels, Vol. 10 JOH

Johansen, Iris

The librarian of burned books:  a novel LAB

Labuskes, Brianna

Someone Else's shoes:  a novel MOY

Moyes, JoJo

Unnatural History:  An Alex Delaware Novel, Vol. 38       MYS        KEL

Kellerman, Jonathan,  

Murder at an Irish bakery:   Series:  an Irish village mystery, vol. 9    MYS       OCO

O'Connor, Carlene

Encore in death:   Series:  In death, Vol. 56    MYS         ROB

Robb, J.D.

The Cliff's Edge:  A Bess Crawford mysteries, Vol. 13    MYS        TOD

Todd, Charles

3 Days to live PAT

Patterson, James