August, 2023

Title of Book Call Number Author
How trust works:  the science of how relationships are built, broken and repaired 158.2    KIM Kim, Peter H.
Dream Town:  Shaker Heights and the quest for racial equity 305.8   MEC Meckler, Laura
America's cultural revolution:  How the Radical Left conquered everything  306.0973   RUF Ruflo, Christopher F. 
Tyranny, Inc.:  How private power crushed American Liberty-and what to do about it 322.3     AHM Ahmari, Sohrab
The girls who fought crime:  The untold true story of the country's first female investigator and crime-fighting squads 363.25   EDE Eder, Mari K.
Tangled vines:  power, privilege and the Murdaugh Family murders 364.1523   GLA Glatt, John
Never enough:  when achievement culture becomes toxic-and what we can do about it 370.15   WAL Wallace, Jennifer Breheny 
The good virus:  the amazing story and forgotten promise of the phage 579.2   IRE Ireland, Tom
Recipes for murder:  66 dishes that celebrate the mysteries of Agatha Christie

        641        PIE


Pierce, Karen
In defense of love:  an argument 808.8    ROS Rosenbaum, Ron
Edison's ghosts:  the untold weirdness of history's greatest geniuses 920.02   SPA Spalding, Katie
Star crossed:  a true Romeo and Juliet story in Hitler's Paris 940.53   MAC Macadam, Heather Dune 
Forgotten voices from Illinois history 977.3   HAL Hallwas, John E. 
The romantic:    The real life of Cashel Greville Ross:  a novel BOY Boyd, William
North of nowhere:  a thriller BRE Brennan, Allison 
Out of nowhere:  a novel BRO Brown, Sandra
Canary Girls:  a novel CHI Chiaverini,  Jennifer 
The Montevideo Brief:  Series:    a Thomas Grey Novel, Vol. 3. GEL Gelernter, J.H.
The invisible Hour:  a novel HOF Hoffman, Alice
None of this is true:  a novel JEW Jewell, Lisa 
The trade off:  a novel JON Jones, Sandie
The Connellys of Country Down:  a novel LAN Lange, Tracey
The keeper of hidden books:  a novel MAR Martin, Madeline
The heaven and earth grocery store MCB McBride, James 
Rock Bottom MIC Michaels, Fern
Honey drop dead:  Tea Shop Mysteries #26       MYS        CHI Childs, Laura
The bone hacker: Series:      Temperance Brennan novel, Vol. 22      MYS       REI Reichs, Kathy
After that night;   Series:  Will Trent series,      Vol. 11 MYS   SLA Slaughter, Karin
A cool breeze on the underground: Series:    Neal Carey Mystery #1      MYS        WIN Winslow, Don
Lion & Lamb PAT Patterson, James
Dead Mountain:   Series:  Nora Kelly novels (Preston & Childs), Vol. 4 PRE Preston, Douglas J.
Happiness:  a novel STE Steel, Danielle
Congratulations, the best is over!:  essays THO R. Eric Thomas