August, 2022

Title of Book Call Number Author
One person, one vote:  A surprising history of gerrymandering in America 328.334   SEA Seabrook, Nick
American Demon:  Eliot Ness and the hunt for America's Jack the Ripper 364.152   STA Stashower, Daniel
Trailed:  One woman's quest to solve the Shenandoah murders 364.1523   MIL Miles, Kathryn
Like, Comment, Subscribe:  Inside YouTube's chaotic rise to world domination 388.7   BER Bergen Mark
A guide to Manga, Anime and video game Cosplay 646.47   SWI Swinyard, Holly
Gallows Hill 823.92  COA Coates, Darcy
Need to know:  World War II and the rise of the American intelligence  940.54    REY Reynolds, Nicholas 
Black Snow:  Curtis LeMay, the firebombing of Tokyo, and the road to the Atomic bomb 940.54   SCO Scott, James M.
Diana, William and Harry 941.08   PAT Patterson, James
In the houses of their dead:  the Lincolns, the Booths, and the Spirits 973.7   ALF Alford, Terry
Normal Family:  on truth, love, and how I met my 35 siblings       B          BIL Bilton, Chrysta
The codebreaker's secret:  a WW II novel ACK Ackerman, Sara
Where the sky begins:  a novel BOW Bowen, Rhys
Overkill BRO Brown, Sandra
Rules at the School by the Sea     Series:  Little school by the sea, Vol. 2 COL Colgan, Jenny
Reckoning:    Series:  FBI suspense thriller series, vol 26 COU Coulter, Catherine
Point last seen DOD Dodd, Christina 
Haven:  a novel DON Donoghue, Emma
The couple at number 9:  a novel DOU Douglas, Claire
Notes on your sudden disappearance:  a novel ESP Espach, Alison
The Texan way:  four heartfelt stories FIC     PAL Palmer, Diana 
Robert Ludlum's:  The Bourne sacrifice      Series:  Jason Bourne series, vol 17 FRE Freeman, Brian
Hawk Mountain:  a novel HAB Habib, Conner
The last of the seven:  a novel of World War II HAR Hartov, Steven
Gang Land:  a  novel HOG Hogan, Chuck
The kingdom of sand:  a novel HOL Holleran, Andrew
The house on blueberry lane:          Series:    a Catalina Cove novel, vol. 6 JAC Jackson, Brenda
You're invited:  a novel JAY Jayatissa, Amanda
Dead Sea Conspiracy:  a novel    Series:  Dead sea chronciles,   Vol 2 JEN Jenkins, Jerry B. 
The family remains:  a novel    Series:  Family upstairs, vol. 2 JEW Jewell, Lisa
Mercury pictures presents:  a novel MAR Marra, Anthony
The librarian spy:  a novel of World War II MAR Martin, Madeline 

The Opera Sisters:  based on a true story

MON Monson, Marianne 

Vacationland:  a novel

MOO Moore, Meg Mitchell

The secret of Bow Lane:  Series:  Below Stairs mysteries, vol. 6

MYS   ASH Ashley, Jennifer 

A legacy of murder:  Series A Kate Hamilton Mystery, vol. 2

MYS   BER Berry, Connie

A dish to die for:  A key west food critic mystery, vol. 12

MYS   BUR Burdette, Lucy

 A dark and story tea:  Series:  Teas shop mysteries (Laura Childs), vol.24


Childs, Laura

Wayward Son:  an Ed Runyon mystery,  vol 2

MYS  GOB Goble, Steve

            Miss Aldridge regrets:  a novel                     Series:  A Canary club mystery

MYS   HAR Hare, Louis


MYS   JON Jonasson, Ragnar

The hunt:  Series:  Peter Decker & Rina Lazarus mysteries, Vol. 27

MYS   KEL Kellerman, Faye

Fox Creek:  a novel       Series:  Cork O'Connor mysteries, Vol. 19

MYS   KRU Krueger, William Kent

Girl, Forgotten:  a novel    Series:  Andrea Oliver novels, Vol 2.

MYS   SLA Slaughter, Karin 

The drowning sea:  Series:  a Maggie D'Arcy mystery, vol 3

MYS   TAY Taylor,  Sarah Stewart 

Black Dog:  Series:  Stone Barrington novels, vol. 62

MYS WOO Woods, Stuart

             Take no names:  a novel                    Series: Victor Li, vol 2 

NIE Nieh, Daniel

The ninth month

PAT Patterson, James

Sister Friends forever:  a novel

ROB Roby, Kimberla Lawson

The angel of Rome:  and other stories

WAL Walter, Jess

 Thank you for listening:  a novel

WHE Whelan, Julia

              Sugar and salt:  a novel                      Series:  Bella Vista, vol 4

WIG Wiggs, Susan