Agenda for February 24, 2020 Board Meeting

Regular Meeting of the Board of Trustees, February 24, 2020


1. Call to Order
2. Roll Call
3. Pledge of Allegiance
4. Approval of Minutes
        January 27, 2020, Regular Meeting Minutes
5. Treasurer's Report
        Approve Financial Report
        Approve Payment of Bills
6. Public Comment(s)
7. Guest Speaker(s)
        Mr. Peter Tyda, Senior Energy Efficiency Consultant, WWA Energy
          Efficiency Service Provider
8. Director's Report
9. President's Report
10. Unfinished Business
        LED Lighting. Action.
11. New Business
        Desert Rain Lawn Sprinkling contract proposal. Action.
        New Personnel Policy for Sick Leave. Action.
        Purchase of two (2) new computers to replace those used by 
          Debbie and Terry. Action.
12. Public Comment
13. Executive Session
14. Open Session 
15. Adjourn

Posted February 21, 2020